Buy Bitcoin safely [2019]

How to buy Bitcoin safely and without any risk .

That’s what I’m going to tell you in the next article dear reader, so pay attention because we start right now.

buy bitcoin safely

I’m going to tell you how I personally buy my Bitcoin through the Coinbase platform, one of the most popular pages used by tens of millions of users around the world.

I would also like to take advantage of this article on how to buy Bitcoin safely to tell you which are the main platforms with which you can buy criptomedas to be able to use them as a long-term investment or also for your payments.



On the Internet there is a wide range of pages that offer you the possibility to buy Bitcoin safely without taking risks.

They are large companies that have created their own online platforms that have the acceptance of a large number of users, the aim of these pages is to offer a safe and simple process of buying Bitcoin.

The procedure is very simple, you create a customer account, register your bank details and select the amount of Bitcoin you want to buy.

Here is a list of the main pages where you can buy Bitcoin safely:


Buy Bitcon safely with Coinbase

This is the platform that I personally use to buy Bitcoin safely. When I earn some extra money I invest it in buying Bitcoin, they are long-term investments and I make them in Coinbase because it is one of the most used to buy cryptocurrencies. We can pay Bitcoins using different payment methods, although the most commonly used are bank transfer and credit card payment with a 3.5% commission.


How to buy Bitcoin d forma segura LocalBitcoin
LocalBitcoins’s business model is different and innovative as it offers the possibility of buying and selling Bitcoin between individuals. As they are transactions between individuals, they do not charge any commission unless you want to carry out an advertising campaign through advertisements. It is a method of buying Bitcoin securely something more complex so it is not highly recommended for novice users.



Buy Bitcoin safely with Kraken

Kraken is another portal that allows you to buy Bitcoin safely and conveniently. It is one of the safest pages where you can buy crypto coins. After registering on their website you must wait a while until you are validated by the user, once validated and verified you can make free money transfers in Europe, if you want to operate with Bitcoin you apply a commission ranging between 0.16 and 0.26%.



comprar Bitcoin en Coinbase
Register at Coinbase

In order to buy Bitcoin in Coinbase you must register. To do so you must access their website and press the button Register located on the top right.

comprar Bitcoin en Coinbase
Crear cuenta en Coinbase

Secondly, you must enter some personal data: Name and surname, e-mail address and password. Once you have filled in the necessary data for registration, you must select the option I am not a robot and then click on Create account.

buy Bitcoin in Coinbase
Enter data for registration

Once you have completed your Coinbase registration you will receive an email asking you for a final step to confirm your account. The next step will be to register your phone number, they ask for it to add an extra measure of security. The procedure is simple: They send you a code by SMS which you must confirm.

buy Bitcoin in Coinbase
Confirm data for registration

We’re almost there!! Once you have created your Coinbase account, you will need two steps to complete it. The first step is to verify your identity by uploading a photo of your ID, Passport or Driver’s License. The second step to definitively complete your Coinbase account is to add a payment method, the most common is to attach a credit card.

comprar Bitcoin en Coinbase
Click on Buy/Sell

Once you have finished registering in Coinbase, you will be able to operate with cryptocurrencies, in other words, you will be able to buy Bitcoin safely in Coinbase. To carry out any transaction you must press the button Buy/Sell located at the top of the screen.

comprar bitcoin en Coinbase
Seleccionar cuántos € utilizar en la compra

Once you press the Buy/Sell button, a window will open where you must select the currency you want to buy and the amount of € you want to spend. On the right side of the window there is a breakdown that informs you how many Bitcoin to buy with the euros used in the transaction as well as the commission you will be charged for carrying out the operation.

buy bitcoin safely in Coinbase
Confirm Bitcoin purchase

To complete the purchase of Bitcoin in Coinbase you must press the button Confirm purchase, at that time the platform will send you an SMS with a confirmation code, is a security measure, that code must be written on the Coinbase website and complete the transaction. If during the registration of your account you have attached your credit card you can see the movement at the same time, if you gave your bank account the movement takes a few days to be reflected.

Once the purchase is complete, the Bitcoin will go directly to your cryptocurrency wallet, so that you can use them whenever you want.